God created us in His exact likeness so that He might have fellowship with us, His children. We cannot live without love and acceptance, and so our spiritual Father yearns to be loved and accepted; He longs for our unconditional free gift of love, as only that can satisfy His Father’s heart. And because love is a gift, God cannot force us to love Him, but pleads with us to seek Him “WITH ALL OUR HEART”. (Dt 4:29, Dt 6:5, Dt 10:12, Dt 11:13, Dt 13:3, Dt 26:16, Dt 30:2, Dt 30:6, Dt 30:10, Jos 22:5, 1Sa 12:20, 1Sa 12:24, Pr 3:5, Jer 29:11-13, Joel 2:12, Zeph 3:14, Mt 22:37, Mk 12:30, Lk 10:27, Acts 8:37)
God’s longing for our love is not much understood anymore today. We have lost the vision of God’s love as an exuberantly giving of all of self, giving up our own desires, and doing anything and everything for the Lover of our soul. We pray but do not grasp: “Your will be done on earth (in me) as it is in heaven”. We have become lovers of self instead of lovers of our God and Father.
Women seek after God when in need, but man with their pride and trust in their own perceived abilities may think that they do not need any help. Such independence and pride are best broken through trauma, and that often happens much better in prisons. Prisons are a productive mission field of God to draw men to Himself. Fatherhood Prison Ministries Fellowship helps people understand that nothing satisfies the longing of the heart more than intimacy with our loving God and Father. Thus transformed men, when released from prison, are ready for God’s use to change families and nations for His glory.