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Report from Zambia - January 2019

Report for THE MONTH OF JANUARY by Joesph Kabwiku

On 9th January 2019 KAMFINSA. Ministered on the condition of heart of man. Many of the long term prisoners responded with broken hearts and a prayer of confession. 28 souls were impacted and 12 made open confession.

On 12th January 2019 CHONDWE PRISON was visited. We were welcomed by the the current Officer in Charge. I had so many new inmates around. I gave out 2 Audio Bible Teachers,  to add to the 8 which they already have. I had 25 inmates who responded to the Healing of the Wounded Heart message.

20th January 2019 KAWEMBESHI. I had 4 listener groups of an evangelistic team we had formed. We had to go to Lufwanyama by bicycles to visit the care groups. We managed to see only one care group as most of them had gone farming. We had a good rapport with each other even though we shared different Faiths.

23rd January 2019 PENTECOSTAL ASSEMBLY. They invited me in a cell group of KITWE Kwacha ASSEMBLY of God to talk about the lessons from the ABT. I talked about the lessons and immediately, a woman by the name Chanda promised to walk with me in ministering to SOULS in rural villages. She is a WIDOW and 61 years of age. I gave a detailed explanation on the vision of the founder and the impact we have made in rural villages, countries and amongest the Muslim community. The impact made by our new Field Director Kwacha Mvula amongest the community in Makeni area was a great encouragemnt for the members of the cell group to willingIy volunteer and to go visit the ISlAM community, that I had visited last month along Ndola road called TWAPYA.

"Let us not grow weary in doing good,  for in due season we will reap if we faint not." 

News from Bishop Livingstone - Dec 2018

Bishop Livingstone writes from Luchenza in Malawi:
I was with the Senior Chiefs Group of Village Head men and Paramount Chiefs.
They asked that we may pray with them, thanking God for the Rains, the good Year 2018, and the better Year 2019. They added that God may bless the Vision of ABTs which are helping many lives. The issue of quarrels is now news in many areas through the help of Bible Lessons where people are learning the power of forgiveness. The Senior Chief Ndalama who organised the event, the one in a green suit, encouraged other Chiefs to establish more Listeners groups in their Areas so as to rest from being busy solving problems of reconciliation and forgiveness and at the same time having a Missionary ready right there in the Villages without supplying any food for him. That's the ABT. The Missionary among the poor and underprivileged.


FPMF Africa Update by Kees – 2018 November

These past two and a half months I was led to check out the lead from a close Afrikaner pastor-friend in Manzini, Johan and wife Madalene Malan. They suggested that I contact Dorothea Sending with headquarters in Roslynn, Northwest of Pretoria. I met there earlier this year with its director Joseph Nota, who showed great interest. I have found that this organization today works with little support from the church, but its teams of workers are diehards for our Lord’s sake, I will keep the results brief as the focus of many of you may be turning toward Christmas.
In Chokwe in the Southern part of Mozambique I found a dear friend in Daniel Hlungwane who is excited about the ABT lessons that he plans to record in the Xangani tongue of the larger part of Mozambique. His people have already finished translating 10% of the lessons.
In Tete a team headed by Peter Calimambondo and an associated missionary from Zimbabwe, Timu Takawireyi, have already distributed by now some 100-plus ABTs in rural Chichewa speaking areas with major impact. They are now visiting friends higher up North where they speak Nsenga that is also prevalent in Zambia’s Eastern Province. I hope to pass on soon a report from them.
And in Harare, Zimbabwe, I found another active team of workers headed by Nkhoma Lyson. They committed themselves to translate the lessons into Shona, the prevalent language of Zimbabwe. Now a week later a team that left the base for a field encounter in rural villages when I was leaving also, reported that they baptized 15 people.
When I finally returned on Saturday the 24th of November to Swaziland and visited a Zimbabwean living there, he surprised me with having all lessons already translated into Shona, ready to go after completing entering the lessons into a PC. Lyson has now instead committed himself to tackle the Tonga language for translation. All of a sudden Father God is bringing three major language programs to the ABT for Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia, programs I have been praying for at least three years.
Also, the kiKaonde of Northwest Province of Zambia and Southern Congo is now completely translated and being recorded and edited as we speak in Lusaka by Radio Christian Voice.
I am now heading home to write a small book about “Healing of the Wounded Heart”. Many people have asked for this so that I feel that this is part of God’s plan for me. Please pray for Father’s anointing when I write this book. In the meantime, Audio Bible Teachers will continue to flow into remote rural African villages, God willing, and change many lives for eternity.


ABT's on their way - 2018 May

Another load of 2100 ABT's are on their way to Nampula, Northern Mozambique. These ABT's have the audio Bible on them as well the lessons, Healing the Wounded Heart.  They will be distributed to listener groups in the rural areas.   May 2018

Letter from Maximum Prison Death Row Section, Kabwe, Zambia - 2015 April

"This serves to inform you that as condemned prisoners hereby appreciating the Word of God thoroughly done here at our section through you. As condemned prisoners...sometimes they resort to stress and worry. At times they led to think death would give them sotall and rest from misfortunes, frustrations as well as long life struggle of the incarceration

"As prisoners, we are still human and need interaction with other humans as part of rehabilitation. We owe you a debt of profound gratitude because you have not displayed a contempt for this section – condemn and a love of Christ and the world to come... Today as condemned prisoners we have chosen to always listen, study God’s Word as Jesus demonstrated... you urged us not to trust our feelings because they are very deceptive. In the midst of being persecuted and tormented (physically and mentally) we have vowed to obey God rather than man. In other words your teaching has healed our hearts completely. Whatever we are subjected to, no matter how much we Are reviled, despised, unloved, and even if we are put to death, we would freely choose to obey God."

Samfya Baptisms 2015 October

We gave a three day long seminar in the prison of Samfya, Luapula Province, Zambia. Much emphasis is always placed on the amazing love Father God has for us. This is so that inmates will receive hope for help from God and then assist other inmates to ask God to heal their hearts. At the end of the seminar we baptized 38 inmates, five of them ladies.

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